Plážové sporty a relax

Plážové sporty a relax

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Chytáte vlny? Žádný problém - máme něco i pro Vás! Náše bikiny Vás podpoří bez ohledu na to, jak velkou vlnu najdete a sjedete. Navíc můžete vypadat super roztomile

Bikiny na Surfování

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Beach Volleyball

Surcharge! Beach volleyball is one of the most effective full-body workouts for a reason. Attention, fitness and speed are required - a beach volleyball bikini has to endure that! The Jolyn beach volleyball bikini for women is your loyal companion, it is non-slip, comfortable and also looks great! Choose the right sports bikini top and combine it with the matching bottom part according to your wishes - you are perfectly equipped for the next match!

Bikiny na Beach Volleyball

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Crossfit a běh

Armed with a towel, sunscreen and book, are you drawn to the beach? Can you tan in the sun for hours and hours and want an ideal tan? Then at Jolyn you will find the perfect bikini for sunbathing! Whether an attractive bikini top with a deep neckline or rather lying on the beach with a sexy string bikini has never been as fashionable as with our bikini models! Find your perfect beach bikini and attract envious looks!

Bikiny na Crossfit & Běh

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Venkovní aktivity

Hand to your heart, jogging is easier in beautiful surroundings. So it's no wonder that running on the beach is so popular. It is important to use a running bikini with strong support so that comfort and stability are given. Above all, the bikini in the sports bra style fixed back and without closure is our favorite at Jolyn for every activity. With this model you have found your perfect companion for every beach sport!

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